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The Hub Shopping Centre

Greenkey  provided Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management  for The Hub Shopping Centre located in Karen right through from design to final operation of the development. The Hub will be one of the largest shopping centres built in Nairobi with a high emphasis on sustainability.

Vienna Court

Greenkey worked on the LEED Gold pre-certification of Vienna Court, a state-of-the-art office development located along Processional Way. The development has comprehensive sustainability features including external balconies shading the building, solar control glass, sliding doors to offer passive ventilation, VRF central air conditioning, local pink stone cladding and a high open green space to built up area ratio, Vienna Court seeks to position itself as a leading sustainable and progressive office development in East Africa. Vienna Court has successfully achieved LEED GOLD Pre-Certication

Eaton Place

Greenkey successfully achieved LEED certification of Eaton Place in Gigiri, Nairobi. This is the first LEED Certified commercial building to be certified in Kenya. The development is an ultramodern office complex with outstanding commitments to minimizing its environmental impacts and a leading example of a sustainable building in the country.

Lumen Square

Greenkey is worked on the LEED certification of the Sivachi Road Office Block, Nairobi. The development will be seeking Gold LEED Certification by employing advanced strategies in passive design and maximising natural lighting and ventilation requiring minimal energy from local power supply. Lumen Square has successfully achieved LEED SILVER Pre-Certification. 

French Embassy Diplomatic Campus

Greenkey successfully completed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the new French Embassy Diplomatic Campus. The development is a collaborative venture between French and Kenyan Architects and is seeking to achieve LEED Certification. Greenkey will also be working to assist the project in achieving the certification.

Mbweha Camp
Greenkey worked on restoring the wetland at Mbweha Camp located in Soysambu Conservancy. The wetland will be used as a filtration system for all kitchen wastewater and stormwater runoff while also as a healthy drinking hole attracting increased birdlife and other animals.


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