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Green Building Certifications (LEED, Green Star)


LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building certification system created by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). It provides building owners and operators with a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions. Green Star is also an internationally recognized green building certification created in Australia and adopted in South Africa and most recently Kenya. 


Our consultants have undergone the training to become qualified LEED and Green Star accreditors through the USGBC and GBCSA and are authorized to undertake certifications of building developments. Greenkey has worked on three LEED Certification projects and one Green Star Project all in Kenya.

Energy, Daylight and Natural Ventilation Modelling 


As certification is not always a desired final objective for a developer, Greenkey are also able to provide sustainable consultancy services to assist the building in being ‘green’ and fulfilling sustainability objectives in terms of reducing operating costs and increasing the life cycle of the building. Through energy modelling and other sustainable design techniques we estimate to be able to reduce the energy consumption of this building by at least 12-16% compared to an ASHRAE baseline building of similar design. The savings compared to a typical Kenyan building will be much higher.

Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management


The local construction industry often falls significantly short of international best management practices and legal requirements set within the country for both occupational health and safety and environmental management.


Our consultants have acquired extensive experience managing on-site environmental and health and safety issues on mining and construction sites throughout East African industries and are able to provide the necessary advice and assistance on developing occupational health and safety procedures and environmental management plans specific to individual site contexts.

Environmental Audits


Environmental audits are the systematic documented, periodic and objective evaluations of how activities and processes of an ongoing project to determine how far these activities and programs conform to the approved environmental management plan of that specific project and sound environmental management practices.


Our consultants have extensive experience undertaking environmental audits in numerous industries both locally and internationally.


Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)


EIAs are a legal requirement and part of the project development process usually done at the initial stages of a project development. It is a decision making tool and should guide whether a project should be implemented, abandoned or modified prior to implementation. The goal of an EIA is to ensure that decisions on proposed projects and activities are environmentally sustainable.


Greenkey has extensive experience carrying out EIAs both locally and internationally.


Other Services


Greenkey offer various other environmental services including development of Environmental Management Systems and Policies, Land Rehabilitation Services and consultation on any other environmentally related issues.


Future Goals

ISO Certification of Organizational Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)

ISO 14001 sets out the criteria for an environmental management system. It maps out a framework that a company or organization can follow to set up an effective environmental management system. It can be used by any organization that wants to improve resource efficiency, reduce waste and drive down costs. Using ISO 14001 can provide assurance to company management and employees as well as external stakeholders that environmental impact is being measured and improved. ISO 14001 can also be integrated with other management functions and assists companies in meeting their environmental and economic goals. Our consultants will undergo training through KEBS to become authorised ISO 14001 accreditors and undertake certifications throughout the industry.

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